Fállegoahti Dinner in a Sámi Hut

Desde 70 €
Duración 2 horas

We will enjoy a dinner in a traditional Sámi hut named Fállegoahti. The hut lies 300 meters upstream of the River Tenojoki and is well hidden from the noises of the road and other people.

The hut has received its name from a hawk, who nested near the hut, on the Norwegian side, across the River Teno. The hawk still lives in the area, as she can be seen flying low on the River Tenojoki valley and thus keeping us entertained.

During the dinner, we will hear lots of stories about Sámi life, culture and history. After the dinner, we will quiet down and listen to an enchanting Sámi yoik performance. Our guide is dressed in his traditional Sámi dress, gákti.

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