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Espoo Waterfront Walkway


Fall in love with the unique recreation and outdoor route Espoo Waterfront Walkway and archipelago which has fun activities to do at the seaside all year round.

The shoreline is a 40 kilometers long recreational route that follows the Espoo shoreline having lots of fun activities to choose from. Hike in nature reserves, relax at the beach, take a scheduled city boat to the recreational islands, visit the restaurants, stay in hotels, and try new activities in water sport centers. Did you know that Espoo has 58 kilometers of coastline and 165 islands, which is more islands than in Hawaii?

The Espoo seaside route, which goes from Ruukinranta to Saunalahti, has lots of recreational activities to offer in the marine environment. There are almost a hundred interesting places along the shoreline to discover. Each place has a unique way of telling the story of Espoo's nature, cultural history, and past coastal life. Enjoy the scenery on a lunch cruise or hop on an archipelago boat that takes tourists to the charming outdoor islands and to the unique Pentala Archipelago Museum in summer.

Stay at the hotel, visit the museums, walk, bike, and enjoy the stunning sea views all year round. What about renting a city bike, boat, SUP board, or going fishing with worms? Espoo Waterfront Walkway offers a spectrum of landscapes such as forests, urban cityscapes, and beaches. The seafront is easily accessible from Helsinki by public transportation. The beach trail does not sleep even in winter. When the winter gets cold enough, it is possible to go skiing, snowshoeing, or ice fishing on the sea ice.

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