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Art House Pilvilinna

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Delightful colours, amusing pictures, captivating stories, naivistic art – all this is Art House Pilvilinna.

Pilvilinna is a colourful and amusingly unique art house by the sea. The walls, floors and ceilings of Pilvilinna have been painted full of pictures, both inside and outside.

Artist Raija Nokkala’s colourful paintings and humoristic sculptures in the main building, art trail, and outbuildings will bring joy and good spirits to anyone seeing them.

Her husband has erected a rosary with hundreds of roses in the garden. The scent of roses fills the garden’s pathways, and the different varieties blooming at different times during the summer will ensure splendour for the whole season.

The lace cottage and the annually changing exhibitions, a quaint art trail in the forest, a coffee terrace by the sea, delicious snacks and a unique little card shop with the artist's own products make Pilvilinna a uniquely unforgettable art experience.

Art House Pilvilinna is located about 3 km from the centre of Uusikaupunki towards Hiu-Lepäinen, right next to a public beach. It is an excellent place for the whole family to visit. By the sea you can find the very own furnished two-room flat of Pablo the bunny!

Enjoy a moment of luxury on the terrace with a wonderful sea view.

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