Forest Yoga and Walk in Oulanka National Park

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Duración 4 horas

Guided hike in Oulanka national park with a touch of forest yoga and well-being in nature. There is no better feeling than being in the woods, under the trees, at the heart of the forest, doing Forest Yoga. Trees and rocks are used as props in our poses. Forest yoga poses suit everybody and no previous experience is needed. On marked routes and reindeer paths, we can see the most breathtaking landscapes, enjoy the forests' silence, and learn a lot about nature. Occasionally, we stop for a yoga break along the way. The combination of a slow hike and peaceful yoga is a very immersive and unique nature experience.

Starting from Oulanka national park visitor centre we'll continue deeper into the forest and walk about 5 km, 3 hours. During our walk, we'll see Kiutaköngäs, the most beautiful waterfall in Oulanka.

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