Family Friendly

From meeting the one and only Santa Claus in Rovaniemi to staying at a lakeside cottage over the white summer months, Finland offers some unforgettable experiences to the whole family.

Finns themselves love the nature. Hiking, skiing, fishing or berry picking in the forest – they are some of the activities Finnish families enjoy in their free time. To truly understand our country and its people, head outdoors and into the wild. If you need a little guidance, go to a wildlife park such as Ranua in Lapland or Haltia Nature Centre in Helsinki. Your holiday will be one even the littlest of family members will never forget.

For more  activities and tips, scroll down for our family-related articles below!


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Cross-country – Skiing with Feeling Meet the Moomins Finland - a boating paradise for kids A True Northern Christmas An Unforgettable Family Christmas Helsinki – the Christmas city Explore Family products at My Stay 1. Meeting the REAL Santa Claus 2. Meeting the Moomins 3. Seeing the Northern Lights 4. There’s no such thing as bedtime in the summer! * (*the sun does not set in northern Finland during summer months) 5. Tens of thousands of crystal clear lakes to swim in