September 4, 2019

Messukeskus Helsinki and Helen Ltd opened one of the largest solar power plants in Helsinki on the hall roofs of the Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre. The solar power plant started operating at the end of August 2019. Construction of an extension of the venue also started at the same time.

The solar power plant will increase the energy efficiency of the venue and strengthen the share of solar power in Helen’s production. The 1,589 solar panels of the plant have been installed on the roofs of halls 4 and 5 of the centre this summer. Estimated annual production in the initial stage is 445 MWh, which corresponds to the annual consumption of more than two hundred one-bedroom flats.

By the end of the year, about 300 more panels will be installed. Once the extension has been completed, the annual output of the solar power plant will exceed 530 megawatt-hours.

Messukeskus to become 110% carbon neutral within ten years

“The objective of our environmental work is to be a 110% carbon-neutral event venue in 2029. We strive towards this target by reducing energy use, increasing the share of renewable energy and utilising carbon-neutral alternatives. The solar power plant will increase the share of renewable energy and decrease the cooling need of our premises as the solar panels also have a shading effect,” says Managing Director Anni Vepsäläinen.

Last autumn, Messukeskus joined the Climate Partners network between the City of Helsinki and businesses. The objective of the network is a carbon-neutral Helsinki. The environmental work of Messukeskus includes 99% waste recovery and the utilisation of the latest building technology, for example, the use of geothermal heat, district cooling, heat recovery and the use of LED technology. Messukeskus has also reduced the use of single-use products and significantly increased the provision of services for drivers of electric vehicles.

In 2009, Messukeskus was the first Finnish expo and congress centre to be awarded with the ISO 14001 environmental certificate for its environmental management system.


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