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Celebrating Finland and White Night Magic at IMEX!


Find out about high class services in stunning natural surroundings

Please visit our stand F260 and update your information on the Nordic country that is both a winter wonderland and a serene summer haven. Finland is ideal for corporate events and conferences: in the home of functional design, high class services are a given and the four seasons offer varying natural beauty throughout the year.

Please read more on our exhibiting partners at IMEX in Frankfurt and feel free to make appointments.

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Welcome to our birthday party!

As Finland is turning 100 years this year, we are celebrating all year around. Welcome to our birthday party held in IMEX at our stand F260 on Wednesday May 17 at 17.00-18.00. 


Finland Among the Best in the World

In 2017, Finland celebrates 100 years of independence and more than 100 years of uninterrupted democracy. Finland is a small country on a global scale and measured by its population, Finland is around the 115th biggest country and by its area the 64th. The population of Finland makes up just 0.07 per cent of the world's population and its total area as much of the total world area. But even a small country can jump to the top of the world, and this is what Finland has done: in international country comparisons of positive things Finland is often among the top countries next to other Nordic countries.

At the threshold of Finland's centenary celebrations, we collected a list of the things in which Finland is one of the best in the world. The comparisons speak for themselves: Finland is a country worth praising.

All of this makes Finland a great place to live, visit or do business. Not only are we the most functional country in the world, we also have the best quality of life in the EU and we place 5th in the world happiness report. Please join us on our journey for the next 100 years – and in celebrating our first centenary!

Satisfaction and trust

Finland is the fifth happiest country in the world.
World Economic Forum, The world's happiest countries in 2016

Information society and competitiveness

Finland has the strongest digital knowledge capital in Europe.
European Commission, The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2017

Finland is the third in the world in an innovation comparison.
World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017: Innovation

Finland is the third most competitive country in the world.
SolAbility, The Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2016

Human capital

Finland has the most human capital in the world.
World Economic Forum, The Human Capital Report: Human Capital Index 2016

Finland ranks as the top OECD country in education.
OECD, Better Life Index: Education

Safety and society

Finland is the best country in the world in a comparison of human wellbeing.
Sustainable Society Index, Main results 2016

Finland is the most stable country in the world.
The Fund for Peace, Fragile States Index 2016

Finland is the safest country in the world.
World Economic Forum, Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015: Finland


Finland is the third best travel destination in the world in 2017.
Lonely Planet, Best in Travel 2017: Top Countries

Unique Culture Hotel Hanasaari opens again in Espoo

Hotel Hanasaari in the spectacular Finnish archipelago, just 10 minutes from Helsinki city centre, welcomes its guests back after a total renovation. It will open its doors 1st of May 2017. The hotel will now serve its guests with state of the art technical solutions, spacious hotel rooms with breathtaking sea views and high-class food with pure Nordic tastes.

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Hossa National Park celebrates Finland’s 100 years anniversary

The 40th National Park in Finland - Hossa - will be officially opened on June 17th 2017 as a part of Finland's centennial celebrations. Hossa is located south from Kuusamo nearby the Russian border and is known for its canyon lakes. The ancient rock paintings still visible today are 4 500 years old. Famous nature travel destination Ruka-Kuusamo is surrounded by Hossa and three other national parks. 

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Helsinki 3rd on National Geographic’s The Cool List 2017 

National Geographic magazine named Helsinki among 17 destinations to visit in 2017. Helsinki was 3rd among the culture capitals, hipster hotspots, wild escapes and places generally keeping it cool in 2017.

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Tampere celebrates the opening of the new route between Tampere–Riga by airBaltic

The airBaltic flight will operate six times a week, from Monday to Saturday with an early morning connection from Tampere to Riga and with the return flight in the evening. It will offer passengers tens of connections around the world.

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Hotel St. George to open in autumn 2017 in Helsinki

Housed in a magnificent historic building, the hotel’s 10 000 square metres on seven floors are home to 148 rooms and five suites. Each suite has its own unique connection to history, whether that of Finland, Helsinki, or the building.  Hotel St. George’s specialty will be a curated art collection. A work of art by the internationally renowned contemporary artist Ai Weiwei will adorn the gallery-esque lobby at the hotel’s main entrance. 

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Park Alandia renovated in Mariehamn

Park Alandia Hotel is a comfortable family-owned hotel by the lush Esplanade alley in the centre of Mariehamn in the Åland Islands. A thorough renovation has been completed in this hotel which is located at the beautiful Finnish archipelago. In the beginning of April Park Alandia will offer accommodation in 42 newly renovated double rooms.

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2016 marks a record-breaking year for international congress attendees in Finland

Altogether 101 515 international congress attendees visited Finland in 2016. In 2015, the comparable number was a fraction less than 76 000. The increasing number of large-scale international congresses held in Finland is chiefly responsible for the immense improvement.

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