EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Espoo

Held July 1st – 5th in Espoo with 650 delegates attending, The European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics was the 40th of its kind and the second ever organized in the Nordic Countries.


What was best about your congress this year?

– This year’s EPS conference was enjoyable because of its informal atmosphere and by leaving enough time in the schedule for “private” communication between participants.

Did everything go well and why?

– Everything worked very well. My wife accompanied me to the congress, and during an excursion, she injured her ankle. The staff were extremely helpful and provided ice cubes and bandages.

How was the location?

– Espoo is a very good location for a conference – in particular, the bus connection to and from Helsinki was far better than I expected: buses were frequent and not overcrowded with commuters and congress participants.

How was the venue?

– Dipoli is a gorgeous place for a conference. There was concern about the number of participants, but the atmosphere was quite cozy, as if the meeting had been a much smaller workshop. The locations of the various meeting rooms were great and they were all different from each other.

How were the people?

– Very nice and helpful. I once lost my bus ticket and got a new one without questions – thank you so much! The registration process and congress organization were very professional.

Anything you’d like to add?

– I appreciated the range of innovations and useful hand-outs – no unnecessary conference bags or plastic sleeves on badges. Quality lunches were served on the spot and the free bus ticket nrelieved us of transportation problems. This was probably the best-organized EPS meeting I attended so far, and I’ve attended them for the last 20 years!


Wolfgang Suttrop

EPS Elected Board Member (2004-2012)

Max-Planck Institute, Germany

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