European Maritime Day, Logomo Turku

This 2-day conference is an annual meeting point for Europe´s maritime community where participants were able to join 20 stakeholder workshops, 5 thematic sessions, 66 matchmaking meetings,30 exhibitors, 2 Leadership Exchange panels and site visits, for example to Meyer Shipyard. There was also a photo competition in Logomo with over 500 beautiful photos of several ports in Europe.


Theme of the year 2016 conference was ”Investing in competitive blue growth – smart and sustainable solutions”. European Maritime Day was organized by European Comission in cooperation with the city of Turku and the Finnish government. 1200 participants took part in the conference in Logomo.


Public days was arranged in the area of Forum Marinum Maritime Centre on 20-22 May. Programme included Turku Philharmonic Orchestra’s Maritime Concert, events around maritime themes and special activity day for children. All together about 14 000 people visited the public days.


Mika Akkanen, Manager of International Affairs at City of Turku: “The European Maritime Day 2016 in Turku was a success thanks to the unique atmosphere and skilled and professional staff of the conference venue Logomo. The venue and e.g. the conference meals, which consisted of local food products, were not just a traditional conference, but a story which we could tell the more than 1000 participants form 47 countries.”



Mika Akkanen

Manager of International Affairs at City of Turku



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