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Cancer treatment in Finland


According to the World Health Organization, Finland ranks in top-20 countries with the highest level of medical care. Cancer treatment is a field where Finland is recognized as a global leader.

Cancer is the generic name for a group of diseases that affect any part of the body causing a rapid growth of abnormal cells that transform into malignant tumors. Cancer can strike anyone – rich and poor, young and old. The disease knows no borders and according to the WHO the percentage of those affected will only increase.

For years, partly due to cultural reasons and somewhat exotic Finnish language, Finland remained in the shadow of global health tourism market. It has not been until lately that patients from all over the world have started to give credit to Finland’s extensive efforts and outstanding results in healthcare.

One of the latest research, Eurocare-5, shows that Finland is a leader in the treatment of breast cancer and head and neck tumours, ranks third in combating prostate cancer and fourth in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

The secret to the success of Finnish medicine may appear too simple: increased focus on the state level and ongoing economic support for medical research, highly qualified doctors with a very decent salary ranging from EUR 3,000 to 12,000. Even nurses whose salaries range from EUR 1,800 to 3,000 are appreciate their workplaces and treat their work respectively. Then their attitude is transferred to patients. In addition to diagnostics and treatment, Finland offers high-quality rehabilitation services, providing a comprehensive approach to cancer problems.

The quality of services is the same no matter if it is a public hospital or a private one. Moreover, a practicing professor or a well-known doctor can practice both in the public and private clinic. The quality of treatment remains the same.

International patients have two options to choose from: find a clinic based on a public hospital or to go to a private one. One thing is for sure: no one will compromise the quality. Apart from that, each case is individual and unique.

FinnHealth – university hospital services for foreign patients

At FinnHealth, a clinic operating on the basis of the Kuopio University Hospital, a reputable medical overlooking a picturesque hill, patients can quickly undergo diagnostics, but since setting the diagnosis requires a meeting of a whole medical team, the treatment may not be appointed immediately. Patients are admitted to hospital only in exceptional cases allowing for no delay.

It should be noted that only qualified doctors with a medical degree can be employed at the FinnHealth. Doctoral studies are a prerequisite for getting a doctor’s job at the University Hospital.

To contact the hospital, the patient can write an e-mail, call or even send a text message. A clinic professional will get back to the inquiry within 48 hours to discuss the situation in detail and schedule an examination. FinnHealth specializes in breast cancer and melanoma.

Docrates – comprehensive cancer care

When every day counts and there is a need for a comprehensive package comprising diagnostics, treatment, and a set of rehabilitation measures to return to a full life, it may be a good idea to look at private clinics. Docrates Cancer Center has started as a desire of Timo Joensuu, an oncologist and a renowned specialist in the field of radiation therapy, to provide people with immediate assistance and a chance to return the quality of life they used to have.

At first sight, the idea to create a clinic convenient for the patient seemed too ambitious and hardly demanded, yet investors believed it and time (the clinic has been operating for over a decade now) proved they were right. Docrates’ professionals managed to save more than hundred lives in their fight against cancer. And they see their task as not just stopping the disease, rather giving a new life in full. The idea of Timo, simple and understandable as it was, received the support of investors and became the road to life for many patients who were saved in Docrates.

The main advantages of Docrates include:

– Focus on cancer: with prostate cancer and breast cancer being the leading specializations, the center offers treatment for over 30 types of cancer: colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myeloma, bladder cancer and urinary tract cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma, cervical cancer, thyroid gland cancer, ovarian cancer, treatment of thyrotoxicosis
– Immediate and comprehensive cancer treatment;
– Constant clinical trials under the supervision of the Finnish drug control agency Fimea;
– Oncologist’s appointment within several days to set the individual treatment plan;
– Sub-specialization in oncology;
– Latest technologies and experienced professionals;
– Possibility to get the second opinion of the expert oncologist on the treatment plan;
– Full support of the patient starting from home to the threshold of the clinic and back.

The idea of Timo Joensuu to open a comprehensive cancer treatment center has been proving viable since 2006. Today, patients from 60 countries are heading to Docrates for world-class treatment. In 2018, the clinic provided medical services to 17,000 patients.

In its history, the clinic has seen happy instances when it turned out that the diagnosed cancer was a mistake and only the correct diagnosis using the latest MRI devices showed that the patient was afraid in vain.

There have been other cases where it was possible to stop cancer cells from growth and remove foci of metastasis.

Clinic Helena – women’s health

Clinic Helena offers a comprehensive approach to women’s health and breast cancer treatment and a unique patented breast reconstruction technique allowing to restore sensitivity of the reconstructed breast.

The treatment plan is developed on a case by case basis, according to the general state of health of the patient and also depends on the requirements of the future operation. The oncoplastic technique used by oncologist and microsurgeon Dr. Helena Puonti in the operations involves resecting only 1 cm of healthy tissue. After eradication of the tumor, the breast is tightened and raised for both breasts for symmetry.

The results of the operation are evaluated two weeks after control mammography and histological examination of tissues removed. An individually developed treatment plan drawn up at Helena Clinic may include post-surgery treatment at the patient’s place of residence or directly in Savonlinna if there is a danger of postoperative bleeding.

Helena is yet another example of a client-oriented approach where the only difference is in the field of cancer treatment with the rest relying on personal preferences of the patient.

We wish you health but if something goes wrong we do hope you find a doctor and a clinic you can trust.