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Committed to your health – Aava is a Family owned Finnish health care company and one of the largest chains of private medical centres in Finland. With a 54 year long experience in the field, we provide services for every stage of your life. Our specialists represent the majority of clinical specialties providing the care you need. We offer health and wellbeing services with key focus on preventive medicine supported by innovative digital health solutions.

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Amber Life

Amber Life is a personal medical and health tourism service, which enables you to get the best possible medical care you need. We can take care of all the practical arrangements in Finland including accommodation, transportation, activities, guiding and translation services. Our partner network covers hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers providing health check- ups, disease diagnostics, cutting-edge cancer treatment, preventive services, orthopedic and cancer surgery, etc. Amber Life guarantees fast, competent and high-quality consultation services as well as full confidentiality of all medical, financial and personal information received from our clients. Thanks to these principles, hundreds of patients trust us their health.

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Clinic Helena

Women Health Clinic Helena is one of the most experienced providers of health and medical services for women in Finland.

Helena Clinic presents innovative methods in breast cancer surgery and gynecology endoscopy operations, modern standards of exact diagnostics and cytostatic therapy. The newest technology and great experience allows Clinic Helena to offer effective methods of deliverance from breast cancer and reconstruction after mastectomy. The medical director of the clinic, Dr. Helena Puonti is the author and developer of the unique technique of breast reconstruction surgery, which allows the recovery of sensation in a breast by using microneurovascular TRAM-flap.

Helena Puonti is a very experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon and was granted the award “Excellent Cancer Doctor” by the Cancer Society of Finland in 2002.

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Hospital for Joint Replacement

Coxa – Hospital for Joint Replacement is the only hospital in Finland that specializes fully in joint replacement surgery.

We employ over 200 of best professionals in the field. We perform over 4,000 joint replacements every year.  Coxa is world-class in patient safety.

Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement is committed to providing the best possible care for its patients and quickly restoring their functional ability and quality of life. We offer our patients a chance to rediscover the joy of motion thanks to our individual, researched-based and exceptionally provided care.

Our strong reputation as a leading centre of excellence has also brought us more responsibility, as an increasing number of the most demanding joint replacement cases in Finland are now referred to us.

Coxa is the leading national hospital for re-operations, which require specialized expertise and sufficient experience.

Coxa also has the expertise to treat patients with tumours and infections.

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Docrates Cancer Center

Docrates Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art international hospital in Helsinki, Finland, specializing in cancer treatment. We provide services for cancer patients throughout the treatment chain, from precise diagnosis with the most modern technology available to individualized treatment and post-treatment follow-up.  After the diagnosis and imaging, treatment can be planned and initiated without delay. Our unique concept attracts patients from all over the world. So far, we have treated patients from over 60 countries and provided treatment for nearly 30 different types of cancer.  Together with our network of leading clinical experts, we provide state-of-the-art cancer therapies in line with our philosophy of individual and patient centered care.

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FinnHealth Kuopio University Hospital

FinnHealth is a personal health and medical tourism service, which enables you to get the best possible medical care you require. FinnHealth offers you top level medical professionals, high patient security, forerunners in research and a pure and safe environment.

You will be treated in Kuopio University Hospital, one of Finland’s five university hospitals and the most modern facility in Finland. Here the best practices and the latest technology are applied. Kuopio University Hospital has 4300 employees and makes 22000 surgeries in 26 operating theatres yearly. Our patient safety standards are one of the highest in the world. The high standard of the Finnish medical service is based on the very latest research information. Kuopio airport is only 15 minutes from our hospital.

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Heart Hospital

Heart Hospital is a hospital network specialized in the treatment of heart patients. In Heart Hospital, cardiac patients are treated by 500 cardiac and cardiothoracic specialists. We work in multi-disciplinary care teams so that we can provide each patient smooth, effective and safe medical care.

Heart Hospital offers an extensive range of high‑quality examination and treatment procedures also for private patients in Helsinki and Tampere. Anyone over 16 years of age can come to the private practice in any matters relating to heart diseases.

Tampere Heart Hospital is a Global Center of Excellence in many fields of cardiology and cardiac surgery. Heart Hospital’s governance model has made it possible to develop faster and more flexible operations. Our operations are governed by ethical principles and the benefits to patients’ health.

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Helena Medical Group

Helena Medical Group can provide medical services in Finland for patients from around the world.

Our staff includes highly-qualified professionals in medicine, healthcare and client management. We have set up a council of Finnish experts in a wide variety of branches of medicine who are able to respond to the fullest range of patient requirements. Our doctors endeavour to draw up the most appropriate proposals for diagnostics and treatment in Finland. We also provide comprehensive offers for treatment, medicine, rehabilitation, and also travel, accommodation and other assistance in a single package.

We are able to communicate in a number of languages and can arrange numerous supportive services for our patients. Our clientele can call our English-speaking medical consultant at any time of day or night.

We provide our patients with detailed reports on the treatment they have received in order to ensure the complete portability of their treatment between us and their doctors in their home locations.

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Helsinki Hospital

Helsinki Hospital is a private hospital in the centre of Helsinki that specializes in demanding surgery. Our physicians are experienced specialists who treat patients in need of neurosurgery, corrective plastic surgery, oral, facial or maxillofacial surgery, surgery of the abdominal organs or thyroid surgery.


You do not need a referral to book an appointment with our specialists. Our physicians evaluate your individual need for treatment and can refer you for further investigation, follow-up care or rehabilitation or recommend surgery. If our patients are in need of surgical treatment we can perform the procedure in our modern hospital where the attending surgeons are always top experts in their field, and we always use the latest methods and the highest technology.

Helsinki Hospital is located on Bulevardi, in the centre of Helsinki.

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Hohot Consulting

Hohot Consulting offers medical and well-being retreats in Finland. Do you want to enhance your health and are you looking for a unique Scandinavian experience?

We are happy to present the following health travel packages to Finland: medical routine checks and well-being retreats; vital sign checks, visual-physical exams and laboratory tests; customized health fitting your need and wishes; specialized care (e.g. orthopaedics treatment, neurotrophic treatment and rehabilitation); special disease diagnosis, fertility treatment and plastic surgery; training and delegation visits with focused topics (e.g. Nordic welfare, Arctic health and health technology).

At Hohot Consulting, we have a proven track record of trip management for Chinese visitors in Finland and other Nordic countries. With our extensive network among medical staff, health tech organizations, health authorities and hospitals we ensure your medical trip to Finland successful. We at Hohot will always tune in to your needs and make your trip an enriching experience.

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