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Clinic Helena

Women Health Clinic Helena is one of the most experienced providers of health and medical services for women in Finland.

Helena Clinic presents innovative methods in breast cancer surgery and gynecology endoscopy operations, modern standards of exact diagnostics and cytostatic therapy. The newest technology and great experience allows Clinic Helena to offer effective methods of deliverance from breast cancer and reconstruction after mastectomy. The medical director of the clinic, Dr. Helena Puonti is the author and developer of the unique technique of breast reconstruction surgery, which allows the recovery of sensation in a breast by using microneurovascular TRAM-flap.

Helena Puonti is a very experienced and highly qualified plastic surgeon and was granted the award “Excellent Cancer Doctor” by the Cancer Society of Finland in 2002.

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Docrates Cancer Center

Docrates Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art international hospital in Helsinki, Finland, specializing in cancer treatment. We provide services for cancer patients throughout the treatment chain, from precise diagnosis with the most modern technology available to individualized treatment and post-treatment follow-up.  After the diagnosis and imaging, treatment can be planned and initiated without delay. Our unique concept attracts patients from all over the world. So far, we have treated patients from over 60 countries and provided treatment for nearly 30 different types of cancer.  Together with our network of leading clinical experts, we provide state-of-the-art cancer therapies in line with our philosophy of individual and patient centered care.

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FinnHealth Kuopio University Hospital

FinnHealth is a personal health and medical tourism service, which enables you to get the best possible medical care you require. FinnHealth offers you top level medical professionals, high patient security, forerunners in research and a pure and safe environment.

You will be treated in Kuopio University Hospital, one of Finland’s five university hospitals and the most modern facility in Finland. Here the best practices and the latest technology are applied. Kuopio University Hospital has 4300 employees and makes 22000 surgeries in 26 operating theatres yearly. Our patient safety standards are one of the highest in the world. The high standard of the Finnish medical service is based on the very latest research information. Kuopio airport is only 15 minutes from our hospital.

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Orton provides demanding specialized medical care with HUS Helsinki University Hospital. HUS is among the biggest and leading university hospitals in Europe. A merger with HUS’s private hospital HYKSin widened Orton’s strongest service areas of ortohopaedic joint replacement and spinal surgery to cover a range of university hospital’s advanced and reliable services from oncology and cancer surgery to urology and neurosurgery.

Together with HUS Helsinki University Hospital Orton offers high quality, reliable and safe demanding medical care with excellent treatment outcomes.

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