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Amber Life

Amber Life is a personal medical and health tourism service, which enables you to get the best possible medical care you need. We can take care of all the practical arrangements in Finland including accommodation, transportation, activities, guiding and translation services. Our partner network covers hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers providing health check- ups, disease diagnostics, cutting-edge cancer treatment, preventive services, orthopedic and cancer surgery, etc.

Amber Life guarantees fast, competent and high-quality consultation services as well as full confidentiality of all medical, financial and personal information received from our clients. Thanks to these principles, hundreds of patients trust us their health.

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Helena Medical Group

Helena Medical Group can provide medical services in Finland for patients from around the world.

Our staff includes highly-qualified professionals in medicine, healthcare and client management. We have set up a council of Finnish experts in a wide variety of branches of medicine who are able to respond to the fullest range of patient requirements. Our doctors endeavour to draw up the most appropriate proposals for diagnostics and treatment in Finland. We also provide comprehensive offers for treatment, medicine, rehabilitation, and also travel, accommodation and other assistance in a single package.

We are able to communicate in a number of languages and can arrange numerous supportive services for our patients. Our clientele can call our English-speaking medical consultant at any time of day or night.

We provide our patients with detailed reports on the treatment they have received in order to ensure the complete portability of their treatment between us and their doctors in their home locations.

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Hohot Consulting

Hohot Consulting offers medical and well-being retreats in Finland. Do you want to enhance your health and are you looking for a unique Scandinavian experience?

We are happy to present the following health travel packages to Finland: medical routine checks and well-being retreats; vital sign checks, visual-physical exams and laboratory tests; customized health fitting your need and wishes; specialized care (e.g. orthopaedics treatment, neurotrophic treatment and rehabilitation); special disease diagnosis, fertility treatment and plastic surgery; training and delegation visits with focused topics (e.g. Nordic welfare, Arctic health and health technology).

At Hohot Consulting, we have a proven track record of trip management for Chinese visitors in Finland and other Nordic countries. With our extensive network among medical staff, health tech organizations, health authorities and hospitals we ensure your medical trip to Finland successful. We at Hohot will always tune in to your needs and make your trip an enriching experience.

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Luova Finland

Luova Finland offers personalised guide services for Chinese. We can take care of all the practical arrangements in Finland e.g. accommodation, transportation, meals, activities and guiding. On every Luova Finland tour, the customer will have a Finnish and Chinese guide to ensure high quality service.

When you need medical consultation, we will be the link between you and the doctor. We will translate your medical reports and forward them to the clinic. We may also arrange a Chinese nurse to go with you to the doctor’s appointment and treatments to make sure that there will be no language barrier.

Luova Finland provides also wellness tours, including DNA tests and cancer screenings to detect health issues at early stage. After the treatments, we will give the customer the opportunity to recover in the clean, calm and safe environment in Finland. We make sure that the customer is satisfied in every aspect.


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