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Mehiläinen Sports Hospital

top sports medicine specialist in Finland

Part of the Mehiläinen Group, Sports Hospital – Orthopedic and Sports Clinic – is one of the leading centers in Finland and Scandinavia for the treatment and diagnosis of sports injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The hospital has been internationally ranked by the Monocle magazine to be one the best of its kind in Finland and in the world. Its work and doctors has been credited and featured in New York Times and similar publications.

The clinic staff consists of top surgeons specialized into treatment of shoulder, elbow, hand, back, knee, ankle and foot problems.

Together they have performed tens of thousands of surgeries around the world – many of their patients being top athletes, such as athletes like Blanka Vlašić or Haile Gebrselassie and players from clubs like FC Barcelona, FC Milan and others. Numerous NHL, NBA and KHL players train with Mehiläinen Sports Hospital’s performance and coaching specialists regularly and figure skaters, professional ballet dancers and gymnastics trust their team of professionals​.

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