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MD PhD Timo Joensuu

Timo Joensuu, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, is an expert in prostate cancer and specialises in its drug treatment and radiotherapy. He was the first in Finland and in the Nordic countries to employ IMRT treatment and the most advanced VMAT RapidArc and HDR brachytherapies. The Cancer Society of Finland awarded him a medal for fighting cancer in 2006, and in 2010 he was chosen as the Influencer of the Year in the field of healthcare.
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Timo Joensuu


MD PhD Tom Wiklund

Tom Wiklund, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, is specialized in sarcoma, lymphoma and breast and testicular cancer. The highlight of Wiklund’s clinical career has been setting up and leading a unit specializing in blood stem cell replacement therapy at Helsinki University Central Hospital.
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Tom Wiklund