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MD PhD Helena Puonti

Clinic Helena


*The clinic serves customers in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, German, Italian and Chinese.

Procedures performed
Breast cancer care: Oncoplastic breast conserving and -remodelling surgery including aftercare
Reconstructive surgery after the removal of breast tumours:
– Microneurovascular breast reconstruction surgery with own tissue: “Sensing Breast”-method
– Other own tissue breast reconstructions
– Implants with expander & acellular matrix reconstructions
– Fat transplantation
Melanoma and other skin cancer operations, f.ex. facial basalioma etc.
Aesthetic plastic surgery, face and body correction

Breast cancer

2017 PhD in Helsinki University
1998 Plastic and microsurgeon

Activities and honours
2010 Medal of the city of Savonlinna in honour of her work in microsurgery
2002 “Excellent Cancer Doctor” award by Cancer Society of Finland

Professional memberships
ISAPS International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ISAPS
Chirurgi Plastici Fenniae (Suomen Plastiikkakirurgiyhdistys)
Finnish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Suomen Esteettiset Plastiikkakirurgit)
The Finnish Medical Association (Suomen Lääkäriliitto)


Helena K. Puonti, Satu K. Jääskeläinen, Helena K. Hallikainen, Taina A. Partanen. A new approach to microneurovascular TRAM-flap breast reconstruction e a pilot study. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, 64, 346e352, 2011

Helena K. Puonti, Satu K. Jääskeläinen, Helena K. Hallikainen, Taina A. Partanen. A Microneurovascular TRAM Flap Does Not Compromise Abdominal Sensibility More Than a Conventional One. Plast Reconstr Surg 130(3):382c, 2012

Helena K. Puonti, Satu K. Jääskeläinen, Helena K. Hallikainen, Taina A. Partanen. Improved sensory recovery with a novel dual neurorrhaphy technique for breast reconstruction with muscle sparing TRAM flap technique. Microsurgery, 37 (1) 21-28, 2017

Helena K. Puonti, Taina A. Broth, Seppo O. Soinila, Helena K. Hallikainen, Satu K. Jääskeläinen. How to assess sensory recovery after breast reconstruction surgery? Clinical Breast Cancer, 17 (6): 471-485, October 2017

Helena K. Puonti: Dissertation, Effects of microsurgical nerve repair on sensory function after breast reconstruction. Helsinki University, 27.01.2017

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