Finland has earned an impressive reputation for its research-driven environment. The Finnish medical industry has many world-renowned scientists who have pioneered leading treatments to various diseases. Finland’s fast adaptation of groundbreaking research results and the use of high technology in diagnostics, care and aftercare ensure positive results in the treatment of many serious diseases.


The results of perseverant medical research have influenced treatments around the world through technological innovations from heart rate monitors to intrauterine devices. Finland is also one of the global pioneers in using 3D printing in heart modeling. In addition, Finland has distinguished itself as a haven for genetic research due to the unique Finnish genotype. An exceptional level of public participation and support for developing science has also enabled the development of a first-rate biobanking system in Finland.


Leading researchers and treatment


High-quality treatments and technology are not the only exceptional features of Finnish healthcare research. Despite the country’s small population size, the number of leading researchers and research groups is outstandingly high. Clinical medical research in Finland is carried out in University Hospitals, some central hospitals, and in public research institutes.


The importance of research is recognized at the national level and also reflected in the amount and diversity of funding which comes from both the private sector and the government. By investing in top-quality research, Finland is committed to keep its position among the leading health care providers in the world in terms of diagnostics, treatment and aftercare. Currently, the healthcare sector attracts a significant amount of international investments, especially from global pharma and health tech companies, as well as venture capitalists and private equity funds.


Finland has been ranked first globally in terms of funding for technological development.

Finland utilizes the most advanced technologies in creating new medical imaging products and non-invasive technologies. Finland is also an ideal environment for drug development. In particular, the research-driven universities are a base for pharmaceutical innovation, new discoveries, and leading global treatments in CNS, neurology and oncology. Finland increasingly invests in establishing R&D and commercial expertise, and globally recognized R&D and solution based centers.