Finland is one of the safest and most reliable choices in the world to give birth. Finnish hospitals provide professional private delivery packages with a warm and caring touch. A multi-specialist team of doctors and midwives is always responsible for the delivery, their first priority being the wellbeing of the mother and child. 

The mothers individual wishes and needs are taken into consideration in many ways. For example, the mother may choose between several medical and non-medical pain treatment options. The care team makes sure the family gets a good start from the very beginning ensuring, for example, a successful beginning of breast­feeding. The comprehensive childbirth packages cover everything the mother and the baby need 

The childbirth services for women with low-risk pregnancies include:

Childbirth examination during pregnancy week 36

Childbirth package:

  • Midwife’s weekly checkups from week 37
  • Hospital clothing for the mother and baby
  • Three meals a day, snacks and drinks
  • Starting of the delivery if not starting naturally
  • Vaginal delivery or caesarean section as planned
  • All pain relieve medication/​methods during delivery
  • Interpreter services during delivery
  • Necessary injections for the baby
  • Postnatal stay at ward with full board (up to 3 days vaginal delivery / 4 days Caesarean)
  • A pediatrician’s examination of the baby before discharge



Childbirth Examination 1,000 € including doctor’s and midwife’s appointment, ultrasound and laboratory tests

Vaginal delivery 8,000 € (vaginal delivery is always the primary method)

Planned Caesarean Section 10,000 € (according to doctor’s evaluation if vaginal delivery is not suitable)

Extra charge for unplanned Caesarean section 3,000 €


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