Finland is:

  • One of Europe’s 11 countries providing IVF services
  • One of Europe’s Six Countries Providing Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PSG)
  • One of the eight countries in Europe that provide eggs donated by others
  • One of the 12 countries in Europe that provide donated sperm by others
  • One of the seven countries in Europe that provide donated embryos to others

Source: IFFS Surveillance 2016

Finnish clinics serve married couples, unmarried couples, lesbian couples and single women.


The best country to live in for mothers


In May 2015, Save the Children announced that Finland was the second best country in the world in which to be a mother, based on key criteria such as maternal health and the child’s wellbeing, as well as the mother’s educational, economic and political status. Finland tops the report’s 2014 Mothers’ Index. Save the Children went on to state that Finland is a country, “where maternal deaths affect less than one in 12,000 women, and the probability of a child dying before the age of five is one in 345.”


This tremendous performance is due to decades of systematic development of comprehensive coverage by child health clinics. The result has been a drop in infant mortality rates from 95 per 1,000 children dying before the age of five in 1936, to just 3.5 by 2013.


Finland is one of the safest and most reliable choices in the world to give birth. Read more about childbirth services in Finland:
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