Finland has:


A strong emphasis on orthopedics and traumatology in the healthcare system.

Orthopedics and traumatology are the largest surgical subspecialties in Finland in terms of the number of surgeries performed. The results in the Finnish sports medicine and in the joint replacement surgery have received high accolades from the international media, such as The New York Times or Forbes magazine.



The level of scientific clinical expertise of the Finnish orthopedists is high, as testified by the related articles publication rate in TOP15 international scientific orthopedic journals, being ahead of Germany and the United States. The doctors here are innovative, many of them being international opinion leaders in their respective fields.



Finland is:

–      One of Europe’s TOP5 countries in the rate of knee replacement surgeries performed by OECD.

–      Frequent destination of international level sportsmen for the treatment of sports injuries.

–      Receiving high overall patient satisfaction ratings for its hospitals, similar to Switzerland, in comparison to other European countries (British Medical Journal).

–      An emerging regional health tourism destination for orthopedic surgeries based on a good price/quality ratio and very safe living environment.


One of the leading medical centers is Mehiläinen Sports Hospital, a private sports medicine clinic specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

The clinic was founded by a group of prominent sports orthopedic surgeons in 2001, under the patronage of the renowned Professor Sakari Orava.

The number of professionals in the team of sports medicine experts have grown over the years, so Mehiläinen Sports Hospital can provide an ever-broadening range of services to care shoulder, elbow, back, knee, ankle and foot injuries.

In autumn 2019, an orthopedic surgeon of the clinic, adjunct-professor Lasse Lempainen performed a surgery on the midfielder of the St. Petersburg FC Zenith Malcom, who suffered damage to the proximal muscle-tendon junction of the left thigh.

See an interview of Malcolm and Lasse Lempainen:


A comparison of approximate pricing for common orthopedic services:


ACL Surgery Knee replacement

High-tier (US)



11000 -16 000 EUR



30 000 – 45 000 EUR


Mid-tier (Germany)


5 500 – 8 000 EUR


13 000 – 15 500 EUR




6 500 – 7 500 EUR


13-500 – 15 000 EUR


Low-tier (Poland)


3 500 – 6 500 EUR


4 500 – 8 000 EUR



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