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Käsivarsi Wilderness Area


Finland's wild northwestern arm - the Käsivarsi Area- is the wilderness of the great Arctic fells, where the peaks rise to more than a kilometer. Along the Nordkalott Trail, one reaches the highest point in Finland located in Háldi Fell on the Norwegian border. The rocky mountain plateau is home to rare plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in Finland.

Area is the homeland of the Sámi, where the Sámi have the right to maintain and develop their language and culture and to engage in traditional livelihoods. Reindeer husbandry is an important cultural livelihood. In the spring, the reindeer rise to the open mountain terrain in the Háldi Area in their calving and summer pastures. In the fall, they return to the winter pastures in the wooded areas.

The annual average temperature is below freezing, and due to the high elevation and Arctic location, the growing season is only a hundred days long. Only a few tree species survive in the highlands of the wilderness area.

In nature conservation areas, everyman's rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip. The aim of the wilderness areas is to preserve nature, to safeguard Sámi culture and natural livelihoods and maintain the recreational use of nature. Metsähallitus manages Finland’s wilderness areas, national parks, strict nature reserves and other protected areas located on state land.

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