Paimio Sanatorium Nature Path

Durée 2 heures

The Sanatorium nature path is a culture and nature focused, maintained by the Parantola Metsät Association. It takes you to the Sanatorium's bright and fairy-tale pine forest.

A large number of different trails cruise through the forest, but the route of the Sanatorium nature path is well marked on the terrain with red poles. Along the path there are signposts telling the history of the Sanatorium area. The path also passes a small pumping station designed by Alvar Aalto. The pumping station is still in operation and provides irrigation water for the Sanatorium garden.

The length of the route is about 2.2 kilometers. The path is suitable for beginners and is in good condition, but the there are few roots and stones, which makes it difficult to move with strollers or a wheelchair.

There is also a campfire along the path, so barbecuing can also be part of the Sanatorium visit program. Firewood is not available on behalf of the Sanatorium.

The starting point of the path is next to Preitilä Kindergarden parking lot, along Ruokolinnannantie 28, 21540 Paimio. You can also start your journey and find a signpost next to Paimio Sanatorium.

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Paimion parantola / Paimio Sanatorium

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