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Wahlberg´s house - the Uusikaupunki museum

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In 19th century Uusikaupunki, ship-owners had the grandest houses in town. Sailing ships carried merchandise from all over the world and, in addition to the wealth, brought with them plenty of new ideas and fashions. At Wahlberg’s house, you can see both sides. The museum showcases the golden age of the town’s seafaring history and the life of a middle-class family.

Wahlberg’s house was built 1870 by the tobacco manufacturer Fredrik Wahlberg. The house still has its original decorative tile stoves, skilfully made frescoes, and hand-painted wallpapers in the parlour. The big hall also has a chandelier brought from Italy. In museum, you can almost smell the smoke from pipe tobacco and hear the rustle of the ladies’ silk dresses.

Upstairs, the museum houses a collection celebrating the maritime tradition of the town. Seaman’s chests, souvenirs, paintings, and navigational instruments all have their stories to tell of the golden age of seafaring and shipbuilding. The upstairs exhibition also showcases the more recent history of shipbuilding, shipyards, and the local automobile industry.

The downstairs exhibition space hosts a series of temporary exhibitions. Children are also taken into account at Wahlberg’s house. They can play detectives in the museum and do different tasks.The outbuilding contains a cobbler’s workshop as well as a play area for children. The museum shop has some of the best souvenirs and gifts in town.

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