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The Cow Camp

De 330 €
Durée 4 jours

The Cow Camp is an activity holiday for anybody interested in the country life, farm animals and nature.

The camp includes milking cows by hand, cheese making, taking care of the animals, hiking in the forest and of course swimming in the local lakes and bathing in the sauna.

The Cow Camp is situated at Piipponen Farm in Ilomantsi in Eastern Finland, offering full immersion into the country life. This traditional farm specialises in maintaining biodiversity with the animals. We protect the endangered original East-Finnish cow breed ”kyyttö", the friendly and sympathetic East-Finnish cows and to we aid their survival.

Accommodation and all meals are included into the Com Camp.

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The Cow Camp

Toukka-ahontie 14, 82900 Ilomantsi
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