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Traditional sauna experience in Lentiira

De 36 €
Durée 60 minutes

Welcome to enjoy gorgeous löyly of the genuine Finnish sauna! Our traditional smoke sauna is heated with wood and smoke providing unparalled exprience.

The character of löyly - meaning the heat in sauna - will change with the course of the evening. The early evening hours will be hot whereas during the later sauna hours the temperature will get milder. Between löyly rounds the brave ones will take a dip in lake be it summer fresh or slightly colder icabath in winter.

Lentiira Holiday Village’e sauna building embodies traditional smoke sauna and neat electrical sauna both equipped with modern showers. The spacious chill room features fireplace and small kitchen corner that makes it suitable for relaxed soirées.

Smoke sauna is perfectly safe and healthy experience when visited according to simple instructions. If in doubt, please advice our staff for furter guidance. Sauna pricing from:

Sauna prices

Private sauna hour for two persons is 36€, additional persons 10€/person. Prices apply to our accommodating guests. To rent sauna and chill room for private gatherings, please ask for an offer.

Nourishing natural therapies

Available also traditional sauna threapies such as cupping, massage and herbal treatments that make use of wild remedies collected from the local soil.

Good to know: UNESCO Recognition for Sauna

Year 2020 Finnish sauna culture was added to UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The sauna tradition is the first and without doubt undisputed aspect of Finnish culture to make the prestigious list.

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