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Lakeside Sauna & Arctic Bath

De 175 €
Durée 2 heures

The soft heat of our Lakeside Sauna together with a refreshing bath in Lake Olkka - Lappish wellness at it’s very best!

In this private “Arctic Spa” the soft heat brought by the ”löyly” welcomes you to an authentic journey to the Lappish sauna culture. Let the birch branches of ”vihta” soothe your skin and the humid heat of the sauna pamper your entire body. To make the experience even more memorable, try bathing in the frozen Lake Olkka - did you know that swimming in cold waters is told to carry great health benefits?

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Expérience appropriée Dans January, February, March, December


Apukka Resort

Tutkijantie 28, 96900 Rovaniemi
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