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Vuohensaari is an island just off the city centre of Salo. The island once belonged to the municipality of Halikko and the island has been part of the lands of Wiurila Manor. In 1933, the people of the manor donated the island to the Salo township for the recreational use of the residents. In the past, the island was served by ship during the summer. Today we get to the island along the embankment.

Vuohensaari is now a popular recreation area. The nature of the island is diverse, and the island has its own 1,2 km long nature trail. The trail starts at the end of Satamakatu from the Vuohensaari car park and goes around the island clockwise, ending at the beach. The nature trail runs through the old forest, beaches, meadows and roads of Vuohensaari and there are 17 nature checkpoints along it that tell you the history of the island, its plants, birds and animals.

Vuohensaari includes a camping and camping area, accommodation rooms, a café-restaurant, a nature trail, a children’s playground, a beach, a mini golf course (18-hole course approved by the International Mini Golf Association) and much more, so you should definitely make a stop here or stay longer.

The café is fully licensed and has a wonderful sun terrace overlooking the sea.

On the way to Vuohensaari, it is worth exploring the accessible bird trail in Halikonlahti. Vuohensaari itself is accessible whenever there isn't snow.

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