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Adventure Park Huikee

De 21 €
Durée 3 heures

The Adventure Park Huikee is located in the immediate vicinity of Yyteri, the greatest beach in Northern Europe. Yyteri is a unique, nearly 6-kilometre-long beach in the West Coast of Finland. The Adventure Park is part of the Yyteri Beach Holiday Resort which has high-quality villas, beach saunas and a restaurant.

The Adventure Park Huikee consists of ropeway adventures and related activities suitable for all ages. The approximately 2-kilometre-long ropes course is built across trees at the altitude of 1–13 metres. The course consists of 115 different challenges, and climbing, sliding and balancing between the trees while crossing various obstacles. The course offers a combination of challenge, fun and nature by providing challenges of different levels to the whole family in the beautiful surroundings of Yyteri.

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Expérience appropriée Dans May, June, July, August, September, October


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