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Väki Bouldering

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Bouldering is a fun activity to challenge yourself with a group of friends, family or just by yourself. Starting bouldering is easy; arrive to Väki, bring some indoor activity clothing and we will introduce you to climbing. Little warning, you might enjoy it and get hooked for life.

For the first timers, we´ll give an introduction, which will include basics of bouldering, gym set up and safety rules. At any point you can ask our staff for help or details for problem solving. Bouldering is known for problem solving and we won´t hand all the answers right away. So, do not hesitate to ask!

We have approx. 250m2 of climbing wall and around 60 routes. In addition we have standard Moon Board with plenty of climbing and 20m2 Spray Wall with over 600 holds for you to make your own routes (not necessarily for the beginners). Also, we have locker rooms and showers for you to get ready for another excitement or location.

To sum up, we have plenty of climbing for beginners and enthusiastics. Have a little active break in your work travel or holiday and enjoy your time with us.

Warmly welcome!

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Kiipeily- & Joogakeskus Väki

Suosiolantie 5, 96100 Rovaniemi
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