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The Espoo Cathedral


The Espoo Cathedral is a medieval grey granite church and the oldest existing building in Espoo.

The Espoo Cathedral is a medieval grey granite church at the shore of Espoo river. It has been been around for more than 500 years. The church's oldest parts date back to the 1480s. The architect was an unknown "Espoo master". Together with the Hattula and Lohja churches, the Espoo church is a significant monument of medieval murals. The church is also the most important single building in Espoo from the point of view of both building history and landscape. During the history the church has been through many changes. Of the original building, only the east and west structures have remained. Their medieval paintings can now be admired again. The new organ was inaugurated in 2012. The church can accommodate 550 worshipers and is the most popular wedding church in Espoo.

Organ Night & Aria Festival and it´s concerts are held at The Espoo Cathedral every summer.

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