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Snowshoe excursions in Lentiira

De 10 €

Bouncing in the winter weather tunes the sweat to the surface and a smile to the lips. During a snowshoe hike, you can follow trails of wild animals and enjoy winter scenery of pine forests, swamps and ice-covered lake.

From Lentiira Holiday Village you could easily visit the nearby Selkäsaari, the tiny, yet photogenic Aonon saari island, or, the monument of Kirveskansa Church, for exampe. Piirakkapuoti, located in the village house, serves coffee and fresh delicacies every Saturday morning from 9AM to 1PM.

You can also ask for guided snowshoe excursions with themes aurora hunting, ice-fishing, volwerine hut visit or nature photogrpahy.


Self-guided snowshoe trek to nearby Selkäsaari island. You can determine the length of the trip yourself, as the island is quite large but is within sight of Lentiira Holiday Village. Excursions can be enjoyed at Lomakylä's hut by the campfire. Our tour package includes directions, a three (3) hour snowshoe rental and a picnic lunch. Price 33€/person, with sliding snowshoes 48€/person.

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Expérience appropriée Dans January, February, March, April, December


Lentiira Holiday Village

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