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Conference Center at the Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

Newly renovated Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel is the most versatile event venue in the Eastern Finland. Here you can organise quality exhibitions, meetings, seminars, weddings, as well as stylish parties and celebrations. Kimmel offers modern-day Karelian luxury for up to a 1000 guests. The location nearby Sirkkala park, by river Pielisjoki brings event guests close to the North Karelian nature.

Kimmel offers great space for various events, you will always be hosted with a true North Karelian hospitality! Our smallest spaces are sympathetic glass cabinets, located next to Bistro Heili. The former hotel suite is transformed into a creative space called Urho, and has its own a sauna along with a connecting hotel room for the host. Our new meeting equipment in our glass cabinets and creative space enable good quality remote meetings for smaller groups.

The hotel's meeting wing has eight meeting spaces which can be divided into smaller spaces or into a one large meeting space for up to 600 people. The main event space is Sirkkala ballroom which overlooks river Pielisjoki. Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel can host events for up to a 1000 people when combining all the event spaces.

Our biggest event spaces have cameras which enable streaming to other spaces in Kimmel or with a hybrid model to other locations in Finland. Some of our meeting spaces have walls which open up so you can also arrange a car show within our biggest event space.

Welcome to host a meeting!

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Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

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