Houtskär - Houtskari

Enjoy the rural romantic lifestyle of Houtskär in the middle of the archipelago sea! There is no need to rush through. Houtskär is only a two-hour scenic car ride from Turku.

Don’t miss Houtskär’s main village, Näsby. The idyllic village is perfect for a short stroll or for chilling on a bench overlooking the sea and pondering those big questions in life.

Two paths start behind the church, a 2km cultural path around S:t Andreas’ vicarage with information about local history. The second mediation path is 1.5km and follows the verdant shoreline. Unwind and enjoy the landscape, reflect on the mysteries of life, perhaps take a refreshing dip in the sea. You will find more information about both paths in the church.

Additionally, there is a small market square in the village, restaurants, a shop, marina and Houtskär’s archipelago museum.

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Näsby, 21760 Houtskär
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