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Reposaari Floating Villas

Da 290 €

Two villas, floating on the sea, offers unique accommodation.

Kapteeni is a spacious villa with sea views to be enjoyed on two floors. The practicality and functionality of the villa are enhanced by two washrooms and two toilets. The villa has a fully modern kitchen with a long dining area next to it. Large windows allow views of the terrace and the sea.

Kalastaja is featuring large windows and stunning sea views, the villa offers accommodation for 6 people. Downstairs there is a bedroom for two, and upstairs a loft sleeps four people. This bright and modern destination is well suited for families with children, for example.

High-quality and comprehensive furniture and equipment guarantee a memorable and successful holiday in a floating villa. If you wish, you can buy bed linen, a bath towel and final cleaning as additional services.

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