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Bark Puller Statue


Bark puller statue tells us about an old form of trade.

The Parkinkiskojat (bark pullers) statue was made by Martti Väänänen, and it depicts people collecting willow bark used for tanning leather.

Barks were pulled from willows, tied into large lichens and carried on the shoulder. Barks were usually pulled by the whole family. The barks were mainly delivered to Åström's leather factories in Oulu. The barking lot brought important additional income to smallholders. The location of the Parkinkiskoja statue has previously been the private shop of Karlsson, later Palovaara.

Siikajoenkylä is one of the villages in Siikajoki municipality. The municipal centre is in Ruukki while the other villages include Paavola, Revonlahti, Siikajoenkylä, Karinkanta, Tauvo, Tuomioja, Saarikoski and Luohua.

Siikajoki has nearly 120 kilometres of riverside and 60 kilometres of sea coast by the Botnian Bay.

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Siikajoki Municipality

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