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Väki Yoga

Da 13 €
Durata 60 minuti

Väki is considered as an immaterial power in Finnish ancient folklore, such like Prana or Chi in their cultures. It believed to heal and give power to people or it was unearthly power in certain places like rocks, forest or lakes and rivers, even with in people themselves.

In Väki you can experience that energy of nature, which used to be closer to us back in the days. With us you do yoga just for your self and the way you feel like. In our warmed yoga classes and peaceful yoga room, you can relax and meditate your vacation to a next level. Have a mind expanding break in your hectic travel schedule and come to Väki to enjoy cup of tee and our weekly yoga classes. If you need something more private or more convenient time for yoga, please ask for a private class and we will plan one for you.

In our yoga schedule, there are balanced variation of dynamic and kind yoga. We have calming yin yoga, warming and refreshing vinyasa flow and of course dynamic astanga classes. Further details can be viewed in our website. For now the classes are held in Finnish language but surely you can attend if you just feel like it. Attending to weekly classes requires registration and valid ticket, which can be purchased from web shop. Or if you find it troublesome, please contact our customer service via email and we will guide you to our yoga classes.

Like yin and yang balance themselves, our yoga does it for you. Just pick what you need and enrich your stay in Lapland.

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Kiipeily- & Joogakeskus Väki

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