Shopping Center Rinteenkulma


Welcome to Rinteenkulma Shopping Center!

Rinteenkulma is local’s shopping center in the middle of the City of Rovaniemi. We welcome you with the pure Lappish atmosphere and kindness. There is great selection of local stores, services and restaurants. Rinteenkulma’s stores offer fashion, accessories, home decorations, wellbeing and beauty products, games, souvenirs, sports and outdoors equipment and much more. There is a large local supermarket, where you can find food, drinks and household supplies. Restaurants serve lunch and dinner. You can find local handmade chocolate, ice cream, delicious coffee and tea, burgers, sushi and Lappish texmex.

Arriving to Rinteenkulma is easy by walking, cycling or with a car. Shopping Center is located above the E4 main road and you can easily drive straight from main road to our parking garage. There is free parking for 1 to 2 hours.

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Kauppakeskus Rinteenkulma

Koskikatu 25, 96200 Rovaniemi
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