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Aulanko Privacy

Da 590 €

Aulanko Privacy is located in its solemn solitude on a 100-hectare conservation area in Sibelius Forest on the shore of Lake Aulangonjärvi just a one-hour drive away from Finland’s large cities. Come and experience the peaceful stillness of the wilderness and have meetings, go fishing, or go hiking or camping in the nearby Aulangonjärvi Trail.

Aulanko Privacy is our only destination we rent mainly during summer from the end of April to halfway through October since the destination does not have a regular grid electricity. Aulanko Privacy is not heated upon arrival. Preheating and other preparations can be ordered separately for an extra fee if the customer is not interested in atmospheric experiences such as lighting up the fireplace when arriving.

THE THOROUGHLY RENOVATED 70 m2 facilities include a dining and meeting area for up to 12 persons, 2 bedrooms with a total of 8 bed places. In addition, the open kitchen has 4 extra beds. The main building has also a 5-person wood-heated sauna, a changing room and a composting toilet. Aulanko Privacy’s furnished terrace offers a living area for 10 persons presenting a view over Lake Aulangonjärvi. The 25 m2 terrace in front of the building in turn offers a sunny spot for 15 persons to dine and socialize. In addition, there is a open fireplace for grilling wilderness delicacies.

The completely renovated open kitchedn has space for 12 persons by the atmospheric long table.

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Esperienza adeguata in May, June, July, August, September


Peace and Privacy / Evo Nature Ltd.

Levonhaantie 92, 13270 Hämeenlinna
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