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Seven Bridges Smoke Sauna

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The smoke sauna is a unique experience that everyone should try at least once in their life!

From time immemorial, Finns have known the smoke sauna as their very own holy place. Babies have been born in the sauna and the last rites have been performed there. In the old days, the sauna was heated every weekend for bathing, and it was the long-awaited highlight of the week. Therefore, the smoke sauna is an important place and an essential element of the Finnish identity. No wonder that there are more than 2 million saunas in Finland. The tradition continues.

We built a handsome smoke sauna on the shore of Lake Luodonjärvi to cherish the precious tradition. The sauna is located 20 minutes from Kokkola, along the coastal road to Pietarsaari. The standard lakeside sauna in the same area completes the whole. The lovely beach in summer and ice swimming in winter invite bathers to relax.

You are welcome to enjoy a sauna bath and explore the world of the smoke sauna, a unique experience of gentle heat and relaxation, on your own or with a group! Please remember to respect the no alcohol policy in the area.

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