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Snowshoe rental in Tuusula

Da 10 €

Try snowshoeing when visiting in Finland. Snowshoeing is a easy and fun wintersport.

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the Finnish nature.

Snowshoes are easy to use, and they provide good flotation on snow. With snowshoes you will easily enjoy a great walk in the winter forest. When you come pick up yours snowshoes from our depot we give intsructions how to use snowshoes.

We also offer snowshoes trip to forest. Send message and ask more about our snowshoes trips.

Our rental snowshoes come in four different sizes; three sizes for adults and one for children. Sizes come about your weight. For snowshoeing You need good winter shoes and warm clothes are recomended.

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Esperienza adeguata in January, February, March, December



Vuohikkaanraitti 20, 04300 Tuusula
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