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Amalia Lemonade Factory - tasting

Da 9.5 €
Durata 45 minuti

Amalia Lemonade Factory is unique in the Åland Islands and one of the most genuine lemonade factories in Finland.

We manufacture lemonade in a traditional artisanal way from high-quality natural raw materials. From the very beginning, our basic idea has been to produce high-quality authentic Åland lemonade made from domestic and Åland berries and fruits without artificial additives of color or taste. In our shop we sell all our drinks.

Tasting: The factory guide tells about Amalia's Lemonade Factory and how the lemonade and other drinks are made.Then there will be a tasting of four different lemonades in the shop.

It is possible to buy all the drinks in the shop.

The lemonade tasting is arranged Monday-Friday on two occasions, at 14.00 and 15.00, about 45 min.

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Esperienza adeguata in June, July, August



Blomstringevägen 12, 22150 Jomala
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