Guilt-free Shopping in Finland

Finland’s rich design heritage and unique Nordic culture make it a fascinating place to hunt for original gifts and souvenirs. And for the conscientious consumer, there are plenty of eco-friendly options, so you can shop to your hearts’ content!

Sustainability is a way of life in Finland and products made locally are almost certain to be ethically-produced, and of exceptional quality. Finns love their markets, antique shops, original handicrafts and specialty foods, such as jam made with Arctic berries and even small batch Finnish whiskey.

We wanted to give you some ethical and ecological shopping tips when visiting Finland – or to buy online.

핀란드 소개

사계절, 한밤의 태양과 겨울의 어둠, 도시와 전원, 동과 서 등 흥미로운 대비가 가득한 나라입니다.

핀란드 소개