Blogger couple Clo & Clem came to Finland last summer to discover the true meaning of Finnish archipelago life from a local point of view. What is the Finnish way to go on holiday? How do people chill out in the Archipelago? Join Clo and Clem on their relaxing adventure in the beautiful Finnish Archipelago and get inspired for your next holiday – may it be slower than ever."

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Welcome to our home

”There’s a sauna in every house in Finland...”

”Discovering the Finnish archipelago, the biggest in the world with 76 000 islands!!”

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In blueberry heaven

”We can pick blueberries and mushrooms without asking anybody…”

”The incredible lighthouse of Bengtskär. We almost missed our boat to go there…”

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Tent sauna on the beach

”We go to the sauna, then the sea, then the sauna again …”

”In the woods of Nuuksio National Park.”

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Summer food experience

”Here’s an introduction to a typical meal in the Finnish Archipelago…”

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