Lakeland Routes West 11. - 14.6.2014



Wednesday 11.6.

Flights from home destinations to Helsinki

15:45-16:15 Meet Mr Jyrki Oksanen, Visit Finland and Ms Mari Saloniemi, Visit Tampere, at terminal 2 arrival hall in Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport.

16:15 Transfer by bus towards Tampere Region

18:00 Arrival to Vaihmalan Hovi, Lempäälä
Vaihmalan Hovi Manor hotel is located a mere 20 kilometres from the centre of Tampere in a wonderful rural environment by Lake Vanajavesi. The main building of the manor, built in the early 19th century, has been restored to its original glory and offers impeccable accommodation in wonderfully relaxing surroundings

Riverfloating in Lempäälä´s Kuokkalankoski!
Riverfloating is a relaxing activity, where you float in the Kuokkalankoski River, staying completely dry. We will start from the Vaihmalan Hovi and let the River take us away…

20:00 Drive to Tampere, check-in at hotel Cumulus Koskikatu

21:00 Dinner in Restaurant Näsinneula
Restaurant Näsinneula is renowned in for its unique panoramic views and delicious dishes. As well as the excellent food, restaurant’s superb atmosphere makes your visit a memorable one. This literally is as high as you can get and dine in Finland. 

Thursday 12.6.

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out

08:30 Guided walking tour in the heart of Tampere. Short visits to Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tallipiha Old Stable Yards, Finlayson Mill area and the Market Hall

With over 200,000 inhabitants, Tampere is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries. The city, which was established on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids in 1779, developed into Finland’s most important industrial hub in the 19th century. Tampere is still known as city of industry, but the prominent fields have changed over the years. In addition, the old factory buildings in the central area have entered a new age. Weaving mills, dye works and turbine halls have been converted into restaurants, cinemas, museums and galleries. The factories are brimming with life once more.

10:00 Departure for Mänttä, Art Town at Your Service
You will get acquainted with art and history in an environment of tradition, in the footsteps of a mill owner.

11:30 Rapukartano
Rapukartano is exclusive, magnificent, and quite unequalled. The main building, with its elaborate details, is indeed an example of finest Finnish carpentry.

12:30 Serlachius-museum Gösta
In Mänttä, on Serlachius land the past is entwined with the present in a unique way. At art museum Gösta the great masters shake hands with fresh newcomers and at Gustaf the experiences open our eyes to culture.

13:00 Lunch at Mänttä Club House
Our facilities for accommodation and meetings provoke architectural interest around the world. Designed by Valter and Ivar Thomén, our beautiful Club was built in 1920 to be used by G. A. Serlachius Inc. as facilities for festivities.

13:45 Art Hotel Honkahovi and Serlachius-museum Gustaf
G.A.Serlachius Inc. had Honkahovi built in 1938 by Mäntänlahti bay, in close vicinity of the present-day town, to be used as the official residence of then-superintendent, future CEO R. Erik Serlachius. Designed by architect Jarl Eklund, the beautiful Functionalist building fits beautifully among the large pines. The large downstairs windows look out over a breathtaking view of Mäntänlahti bay in Lake Kuorevesi.

14:30 Departure for Jyväskylä Region

15:30 The Old Keuruu is a historically valuable area: museum, art exhibition, souvenir shop, Coffee break at Restaurant Old Rectory (Pappilan pidot)

16:30 Departure for Petäjävesi

17:00 Petäjävesi Old Church – masterpiece of construction in wood.
Added to Unesco’s world heritage list in 1994 as a prime example of Nordic wooden architecture, the church was completed in 1765.

17:45 Departure for Jyväskylä
Jyväskylä (pop. 135 000) is a city in Central Finland  province in the western part of the Finnish Lakeland. Jyväskylä was founded on 1837 by Tzar Nicholas I of Russia. Nowadays, Jyväskylä is a city of modern architecture.  The city has more buildings designed by one of the best known international functionalist architects, Alvar Aalto, than any other city in the world. Jyväskylä is also a very popular university city in Finland.  Finland is famous for its world-class rally drivers, and one of the best world championship rallies, Neste RallyFinland, will take place in Jyväskylä Region every year at the beginning of August.

18:30 Chek-in, Hotel Alba, Jyväskylä
Hotel Alba is located in a beautiful area by the Lake Jyväsjärvi.

19:30 Departure for dinner

20:00 Dinner,  Ravintola Pöllöwaari
The restaurant is known for its excellent food and friendly service.

We recommend to walking back to the hotel along the promenade by the Lake Jyväsjärvi via Jyväskylä harbor. Local summer festival Sataman Yö at the Jyväskylä harbor will take place June 12 to 14. Performers are popular Finnish artist.

Friday 13.6.

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out
08:45 Departure

09:00 Alvar Aalto Museum
A specialist museum of architecture and design, a national and international centre for information on Aalto

10:00 Departure

11:00 Varjola Farm, Laukaa
Varjola is a versatile guesthouse with activities, restaurants, accommodation and saunas. You’ll try shooting the rapids with a rubber boat. Coffee break.

12:30 Departure for Mikkeli Region
Situated in the area of South Savo between lakes Puula, Kyyvesi and Saimaa, Mikkeli region is among the most popular cottage areas in Finland – 10.500 holiday cottages are located in the City of Mikkeli alone, which makes the city a leader of cottage holiday statistics. Rich in holiday cottages, Mikkeli region is also known for its numerous manor houses, locally produced food and rich social history – being the headquarters area for most of its existence.

15:00 Lunch Visit to Tertti Manor
Tertti manor is a functioning farm, a heaven for gastronomes and a cosy manor hotel located by the highway 5. Awarded several times, the manor also enjoys 5-star TripAdvisor visitor ranking. Tip: Tertti Manor cafe & shop is also a great place to buy locally produced food products – such as herbs, spices and the Finnish delicatess muikku!

If time, why not visiting the Mikkeli Market Place or Kenkävero.
Kenkävero is a magnificent tourist attraction and prides itself on having the biggest and most beautiful vicarage in all Finland, in an impressive milieu. It has something to interest everyone at all times of the year: fine restored buildings, exciting exhibitions and events, exquisite handicrafts as gifts, souvenirs or simply to enjoy. In summer it is further enhanced by a garden and handicraft workshops, and delicious fare is served in the restaurant daily all year round. 

17:00 Departure for Anttolanhovi / Art&DesignLakeside Villas
17:30 Check-in
18:30 Sightseeing on Lake Saimaa or Forest Yoga
19:30 Dinner with local specialities
Late night Sauna in the Villa – just relax and enjoy!

Saturday 14.6.

08:00 Breakfast at villa
09:00 Check-out
09:15  Lakeland Routes – feelings and expressions on the way. Let´s share the experiences
apprx. 10:30 Light lunch
11:15  Departure to Helsinki
14:30 Helsinki airport

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