Urban Nature in Helsinki region 16.-19.10.2014


Thursday October 16

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17:00 Transfer by bus to Hotel Korpilampi in Espoo
17:45  Check-in at the hotel
18:30 Visit to Santas Cottage Korpilampi
19:30 Dinner

Friday October 17

08:00  Breakfast
09:00  Inspection of the hotel and check-out
09:45  Departure by bus to city of Lohja.
Arrival to Lohja. Sights and services in Lohja: Hotel Lohja, Gasthaus Lohja, restaurants and stores in Lohja city
12:45  Lunch
14:00 Outdoor activities with Lohjansaari Ravanti Events. Guided walk on nature trails, possibility to row a boat or try fishing by the Lake Lohja.
17:30 Transfer by bus to Spa Hotel Päiväkumpu by the Lake Lohja
18:15  Check-in at the hotel
18:30 Presentations
19:30  Dinner at the hotel restaurant
21:00  Possibility to enjoy Finnish sauna by the lakeside

Saturday October 18

08:00  Breakfast and check-out
08:45  Transfer by bus to Hvitträsk in Kirkkonummi.
10:00  Visit to Hvitträsk Museum
11:00  Transfer to Långvik
11:30  Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel, inspection of the house and lunch
13:00  Transfer to Nuuksio in Espoo
13:30  Haltia, Finnish Nature Center
14:15  Transfer
14:45 Inipi Spa and Safari House
15:15  Visiting Reindeers of Nuuksio, Sea and Mountain Adventures Ltd
16:00  Transfer
16:30  Check in Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo
18:30  Inspection of the hotel
19:15  Dinner at the hotel restaurant

Sunday October 19

08:00 Breakfast and check-out
08:45  Transfer by bus to Hanasaari
09:o0  Inspection of the Hotel Hanasaari
09:30 Presentation by KontikiFinland.com
10:00 – Depart Hanasaari for Helsinki Sights

10:45 Depart Helsinki to Sipoo
Just 35 minutes from Helsinki City Centre, the Wild Side of Helsinki lies to the East! Sipoo lies between Porvoo and Helsinki and offers a number of different activities and adventures in nature & art. Along the coastline, the Finnish rural lifestyle is evident and it is from here that adventures such as Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing, National Park Excursions, Motor Boating, Sailing and Cruises into the Archipelago begin.

11:15 Arrive to Gumbostrand Pier for talk on the various activities that depart from the region – snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sailing, National Park excursions, Boating in small boats, Cruises in the Archipelago etc.

11:00 Brunch at KonstoForm  and walk in the gallery of modern art. At Konstoform the modern art is inspired by nature, and the food served reflects local food culture and celebrates Finnish wild food. Brunch is well known as the best in the area.

13:00 Arrive at Tuusula.
Finnish nature with its beautiful lake scenery radiates the elemental energy of Finnish culture. Several renowned masters of Finnish literature, music, and other arts lived and worked in these surroundings during the boom of Finnish national culture in the late 19th and early 20th century, the most famous of them being the composer Jean Sibelius.

13:00-15:30  Tour of Krapi wine cellar, restaurant and hotel.
The story of Krapihovi home dates back to 1911, first a dairy farm before opening its doors for a Sunday meal, now a hotel, Seasonal menu restaurant with own Organic bakery and home grown herbs, flowers, vegetables.
Possibility to enjoy a Smoke sauna by the shores of the Tuusula Lake, a traditional Finnish pastime.  It is possible to swim in the lake all year round, in winter through a hole in the ice.
15:30 First group departs to the airport.
16:00 Rantatie Tuusula guided tour of the important sights around Tuusula Lake. Ainola is closed but the gardens are open.

17:00 Bus departs for airport.

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