White night magic in Finnish archipelago


Themes: Archipelago lifestyle, outdoor activities, live like local
Style: Active
Accommodation: Cottages and B&B, cozy and rustic.
Dining: tradional, local

HOX! You might share accommodation together with your fellow blogger friends during the trip!

Further information about the Finnish archipelago in here!

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SUNDAY 17 JULY, #ålandislands

6:45 Gathering in the Viking Line ferry terminal, Stadsgården, Tegelvikshamn, SE-11630 Stockholm. You will meet Inna in fron of the group check-in. Checking in on board.
7:45 M/S Viking Grace departs from Stockholm
14.10 Arrival in Mariehamn, Åland. A bus will be waiting for you outside the terminal. Annica Grönlund from Visit Åland and Leah Reinold, German intern/praktikant at Visit Åland, will meet you in the harbor.
We will go to Silverskär harbor and go by boat to “Klobben” in Saltvik (15 minutes by boat, you can sit inside or outside).
Please bring comfortable clothes and a windbreaker (warm clothes). If you want to try swimming and sauna, please bring swim suit/bikini or swimming pants.
16.00 The chef will serve us some local food at Klobben. Small guided tour around the island and a one hour sea yoga session instructed by Ms. Carina Sommarström.
20.00 Dinner and sauna in the evening.
21.30 Boat transfer to Silverskär (15 minutes) and overnight stay. Most of the people will be staying in their own rooms with own toilet and shower.


MONDAY 18 JULY, #ålandislands

08.00-09.00 Breakfast at Silverskär.
10.00  Departure from Silverskär.
11.00-16.00 Cycling and kayaking, with Jonas from Paddelboden. Please let me know if you don’t want to kayak (double kayaks, easy for everyone).
Lunch during the day.
Approx. 17.00-17.30 Check in to Havsvidden.com (Geta). You will share rooms.
19.30 Dinner at Havsvidden
Sauna and relax (please bring swimsuit, bikini or swim pants)


TUESDAY 19 JULY, #ålandislands #VisitTurku

08.00-09.30 Breakfast at the hotel
10.00 departure from the hotel.
10.00-12.30 Explore the city of Eckerö by bus and walking/cycling in Eckerö.
12.30 Departure from Eckerö.
13.00 Check in to the ferry in Western harbor in Mariehamn.
13.45 departure from Mariehamn to Turku by M/S Silja Serenade. Dinner on board.
20:15 Arrival to Turku. Ms. Marianna Miettinen from Visit Turku will meet you at the terminal.
Everyone will get press kits with information materials by arrival.
Transfer by bus to Pargas and Granvik ferry pier
In Pargas town centre, pick up Ms Matilda Åberg from Visit Archipelago / Archipelago City of Pargas
21:30 Chartered boat-trip Granvik to Pensar Syd through the archipelago summer night
22:00 Small evening snack with Eva at Pensar Syd and check in in double rooms.
In the residence of Klippan the younger Lottas had their “headquarters” in the 1930-1944. The nature is a resource for the owners, Eva & Petter – they aim to live in harmony with it!


WEDNESDAY 20 JULY, #VisitTurku

8.30-10.30 Breakfast at Pensar Syd Paviljongen, Spending the day on the island
11:00 Departure for walking the nature trail of Pensar with island guide
(See the Giant’s Pots and get to know its pure natural delicacies from the archipelago forest that can be used in cooking.)
13:30 Lunch at Pensar Syd Paviljongen
15.00 1,5 h Kayak tour (including the whole group), and afternoon coffee stop.
Certified archipelago kayak-guide Niclas Perander from My Kayak will instruct all, and the tour will be safe and enjoyable for beginners as well as them already tried sea Kayaking before. All gear needed are supplied.
Dresscode: Hat, sunscreen if sunny, comfortable clothing (shorts t-shirt if sunny weather) Footwear flipflops/crocs/barefoot
19:00 Dinner at Pensar Syd Paviljongen
20:30 Get-toghether at the sauna terrace & Sauna with dip in the Baltic Sea. Possibility to try traditional Finnish yard games.
Good Night!


THURSDAY 21 JULY, #VisitTurku

07.45 Luggage and the group ready by the accommodation for taxi transfer to ferry.
8:30 Departure by commuter-ferry  from Pensar to Kirjais Österudden
Picknick breakfast (supplied by Pensar Syd) on board the ferry. See all ferry timetables and prizes in the Turku Archipelago here.
09.05 Arrival to Kirjais Österuddan. Bicycles waiting upon departure by ferry. Bike rental and luggage transports are supplied by Västergård Outdoors
9:30 Cycling trip in a group from Kirjais Österuddan to Nagu town centre
Luggage will be transported from Kirjais to Nagu by chartered minibus. 1 h cycling in archipelago landscape crossing 2 bridges. Photo stops along the way.
11:00 Arrival at the Nagu town centre
The Finnish archipelago is unique and one of the most amazing and exotic locations for spending your holidays and rejuvenating yourself. The guest marina in Nagu is one of the most popular harbors in Finland and the town centre of Nagu with its wide range of restaurants and cafeterias plays a central role for boating guests as well as for visitors in the archipelago region travelling along the popular Archipelago Trail by bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle or even walking.
12:00 Meet Börje, a local fisherman and have lunch at the Nagu Guest Harbour www.facebook.com/börjesfisk
14:10 Departure by bus towards Pargas from between the medieval greystone church and the Hotel Lanterna
14.30 Ferry Nagu – Pargas
15:00 Visit to Art Bank and meet owner Ted Wallin
Art Bank is a unique Fine Arts Gallery in Pargas, Finland. The Salvador Dalí Private Exhibition presents a personal collection of Dali sculptures, furniture, paintings and other pieces of Dalí. ArtBank Finland also holds a collection of the most interesting Finnish artist and designers such as archipelago born Stefan Lindfors.
16:30 Departure from Pargas towards Turku
17:00 Arrival in Turku, short walk by the Aura river
18:15 Beer tasting at Brewery restaurant Koulu (School) + Evening snack
20:10 Departure by bus to the terminal
20:55 Departure from Turku to Stockholm by M/S Viking Grace