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Motorhome rental LARGE

Из 385 €

LARGE - Groups up to 6 person enjoying holiday

A motorhome holiday allows adventure seekers, bucket list travelers, trekking-lovers, fishing buddies and wild camping enthusiasts to broaden their horizons, feel an ultimate freedom, live like a local and experience the beauty of nature like no other.

Home-like furnished and individually equipped motorhome enables a convenient camping and an independent stay next to a activity site or right by a wild nature.

Large additional storage area and availability of vehicles with bike racks provide room for sports equipment such as diving, surfing and golfing accessories.

LARGE category vehicle:

* Sustainable travel and mobile accommodation option

* Accommodation for 5 or 6

* Different vehicle layouts and sizes to fit travel groups needs

* Good storage for travelers luggage and sports equipment

* Easy to drive, park and camp

* With valid B driving licence

* No earlier lifestyle experience is required

* Unlimited driving kilometres

* Airport transfers included

* 24/7 Road Assistance at your service

Reservation price is calculated depending on the length of your rental. Each calendar day will be charged. Our latest destination and vehicle specific, seasonal pricing (daily rental prices) can be seen from the booking engine at the front page touringcars.eu.

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