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Day Retreats in North Karelia with Helena Karhu

Из 125 €

Welcome to join a day retreat in your selected destination in North Karelia.

The purpose of the day retreats is to strenghten and deepen your connection to North Karelia, as well as towards your sense of self:

The inner and outer nature can meet in the beautiful retreat days of the House of the Bear.

All the retreat days include guided walk in the local environment and in the power places of North Karelian nature. Welcome to this sacred land, to continue the journey, and to increase the wholeness of well-being. The safe and professional guidance of Karhun Talo is offered as part of your travel and retreat experience.

Please find below information on possible day retreat packages of your choice:

1. EMBRACE THE EARTH - Day retreat of natural meditation and mindfulness with sparkles of the nature of North Karelia

2. HEART OF THE LAND - Day retreat of ancestral practices and natural power places of North Karelia

3. TERRA FEMINARUM - Day retreat for the women: The Sacred Feminine and North Karelia

4. BUDDHA NATURE AND NORTH KARELIA: Day retreat: Combination of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation and North Karelian Nature

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