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Ranua Wildlife Park

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The Ranua Wildlife Park, established 1983, specialises in arctic and northern animal species. The spacious animal fencings are located in the midst of northern conifer forests, the natural habitat of most of the animals. We are open every day of the year. The changing seasons give an additional dimension to our Wildlife Park visit.

The Ranua Wildlife Park is a member of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF ZOOS AND AQUARIA (EAZA). The EAZA gives guiding and recommendations for Wildlife Park operations, coordinating also the reproduction programs of endangered species as well as the protection campaigns.

At the Ranua Wildlife Park you can see polar bears, as well as 50 different other arctic animal species in the midst of northern woods. Ranua offers accommodation and a variety of program services for an adventuresome holiday trip in the heart of true Lappish wilderness.

Ranua, located in the subarctic region boasts of four clearly different seasons: winters are long with heavy snow loads, summers brief with light nights, autumns colourful and spring-times short and intensive. The Ranua Wildlife Park offers a variety of experiences for every season: you can see how the various arctic species have adapted into the changing seasons, in their most authentic atmosphere – in the midst of wide Northern forests. Program Service Providers offer you more chances to get acquainted with the nearby wilderness also.

Polar bears live on the coasts of arctic regions and on frozen expanses of the northern seas. They prey mainly seals for their food, but eat also young birds and their eggs, sometimes brown algae as well. The polar bear lives a solitary life, with the exception of the female that travels with its cubs. In the latter part of the autumn the pregnant polar bear retreats into a snow den. She stores up energy for nursing her babies. Cubs weighing less than half a kilogram are born in the middle of the winter and spend their first months in the snow den, growing up while sucking the milk of their mother.

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Ranua WildlifePark

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