Welcome to Borgdala Stugor in Åland!

Stay in a calm place close to the nature at Borgdala Stugor, which has three well equipped cottages in a harmonic environment in Saltvik, about 30 km from Mariehamn. One of our three cottages is an old, renovated seaman cottage with old-time court with rose bushes and apple trees. The second cottage has a lovely lawn with spacious environment. The third cottage has a calming and beautiful view of the lake. Just choose. The environment is peaceful and harmonious and you are just a few steps from the beach.

Enjoy the nature, take a relaxing trip in the rowing boat. You can catch both pike and perch in the lake. You can also go swimming and have a refreshing bath in our sauna. On the lawn there is room for activities such as badminton and other games.

Где в Финляндии



Подходящий опыт в May, June, July, August, September


Borgdala Stugor

Toböleträskvägen 84, 22320 Ödkarby
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